Reckless Homicide

Reckless Homicide

Reckless homicide is a very serious charge, whether you were intoxicated at the time or not. These deaths are unintentional but the penalties for killing someone as the result of an accident are among some of the most severe in Illinois.

Reckless homicide is considered a form of involuntary manslaughter. Sentences range from probation to 14 years in prison, especially if the accident resulted in multiple deaths. You need experienced legal counsel to deal with the complex issues surrounding these charges. Camic Johnson’s attorneys have extensive familiarity with reckless homicide cases. The firm has engaged experts in engineering, traffic reconstruction, pathology and toxicology to examine evidence and testify in past cases.

Mr. Camic and Mr. Puscas had former careers as police officers. Mr. Camic has been a member of the National College for DUI Defense and has been certified for the same field sobriety testing and training as most of the police officers using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s methods and manuals have. This background, along with the rest of the firm, provides a very specific strategy of defense for clients who have been the cause of an accident that results in fatalities.

When you work with Camic Johnson, you don’t just hire one lawyer, you hire the knowledge and experience of the whole firm. Every attorney is invested in the best possible outcome of your case and all available resources will be put to work in your defense.

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If DUI or drug charges are involved in your accusation of reckless homicide, the methods of testing and collection will be called into question by the firm’s attorneys. They will examine every aspect of the evidence collected by the police and brought by the prosecution to ensure your rights have not been violated in the process.

The firm’s vast experience in criminal law and its association with experts required to defend your case put you at an advantage when you retain Camic Johnson for your defense. The entire firm is dedicated to the best possible resolution for your case.

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