Mr. Camic, a member of the bar in Illinois and New York, represents clients in criminal trials, including felonies and misdemeanors in Illinois state and federal courts. Mr. Camic’s experience includes holding the record for one of the shortest jury acquittals in Illinois in seven minutes. Mr. Camic has been a frequent speaker at seminars for professional associations, including bar associations, public defender offices, police and prosecutors,  as well as local schools and organizations. Mr. Camic has taught Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at a local college and at Aurora University.

Mr. Camic is a member of the Capital Litigation trial bar in Illinois as well as  the federal trial bar.  To maintain membership in the Capital trial bar Mr. Camic maintains the required extensive continuing legal education requirements.

Mr. Camic is a past president of the Kane County Bar Association, and was the Chairman of the Criminal Justice Section Counsel of the Illinois State Bar Association. Mr. Camic chaired the Kane County Bar Association Criminal Practice committee for over five years, and continues to be an active member.

Mr. Camic is a member of the National College for DUI defense, and has been certified in Standardizied Field Sobriety Testing. Mr. Camic has successfully represented thousands of persons charged with DUI.

Mr. Camic’s clients have included priests, police officers, lawyers and prosecutors. Mr. Camic recently represented a DUI prosecutor charged with DUI who was ultimately acquitted, with no loss of his drivers license.

Mr. Camic is the author of several articles in bar magazines, and is the author of “Rights of Pre-Trial Detainees in Illinois”, Illinois Police Association Official Journal, 1987; and was given research credit  for his work in a handbook on Federal Civil Practice while in law school.