Helping You Rebuild Your Reputation After an Arrest or Conviction

As hard as it tries, our justice system is imperfect. People are convicted of crimes they never committed or given a sentence far more harsh than the crime deserves.

Sometimes, this occurs because of the failure of an attorney to do a good job representing his or her client. Other times, errors are committed during the process that turn the case against the accused.

As the convicted or accused, you have the right to request post-conviction relief. Camic Johnson's Aurora attorneys can represent you for post-conviction litigation in these and other situations:

  • Unsatisfactory performance on the part of the original defending lawyer
  • Constitutional errors
  • Newly discovered evidence
  • Procedural errors

Contact Camic Johnson, Ltd., to discuss your case for post-conviction relief.

Elgin Expungement Attorneys

Having a charge on your record may prevent you from being able to get a job or apply to school. If you have an arrest on your record but were never convicted of the crime and have no other convictions on your record, or if you were convicted of certain misdemeanors and were placed under supervision but have no other convictions, Camic Johnson's attorneys may be able to get your record expunged.

It is also possible the records of certain offenses can be sealed to prevent them being seen by potential employers and others not involved in law enforcement.

Camic Johnson puts the experience and knowledge of the entire firm at the disposal of every one of its clients. The firm's success rides on every case so the goal for every client is the best possible outcome. The firm has had success with post-conviction relief as well as with appeals.

If you feel the Illinois state justice system has failed you, contact Camic Johnson to speak to one of our attorneys about your case.