Defending the Rights of the Accused in Murder Cases

Camic Johnson has probably defended more homicide cases than all of their other felony jury trials put together. Their trial work in homicide has been extensive, including cases involving:

  • Infants
  • Children
  • Gun shots
  • Lynching
  • Gangs
  • Cop-killings
  • Criminal neglect of an elderly person
  • Reckless homicide

Camic Johnson has represented people charged with homicide in all manners of death. The firm's lawyers have an in-depth understanding of criminal charges due to their backgrounds. Mr. Johnson is the former elected state's attorney of Kane County. Mr. Camic and Mr. Puscas are former police officers; Ms. Parga used to work in the Kane County Public Defender's Office.

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Elgin Murder Defense Attorneys

When you retain one of Camic Johnson's attorneys, you have the power and knowledge of the whole firm at your back. The firm believes in a team approach to all cases, encouraging everyone to bring their experience to examine the evidence and provide information.

Camic Johnson's attorneys will investigate the police investigation to make sure they followed the law when they processed your arrest. They will confirm all statements presented as evidence were recorded as required by Illinois law, and during discovery they will speak with witnesses, dissect the evidence brought against you by the prosecution and determine the best course of defense for a positive outcome in your case.

Before the death penalty was repealed in Illinois state cases, Mr. Camic and Mr. Johnson were qualified to handle capital death litigation cases and are still qualified to handle death penalty defense cases on the federal level. The firm has handled high-profile cases as well as simple felony and misdemeanor matters. The firm's lawyers have been successful in getting charges reduced or having their clients exonerated.

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