Stallworth acquitted of employee theft

Mike Crase, Staff Writer

A Dekalb County jury took less than 10 minutes to acquit a Sycamore woman accused of employee theft.

The jury acquitted Valerie Stallworth, 38, last known address of 218 North Ave., on Sept. 24.
Dekalb County Sate's Attorney Michael Coghlan, who prosecuted the case, said Stallworth was accused of taking more than $10,000 in funds from the All License Service in Sycamore.

The trial lasted four days and involved more than 30 witnesses from both sides.

"The defense was able to show that all of the employees had access to both the books and the money and that it was very possible that no theft occurred," said Stallworth's attorney, David Camic.

Coghlan said while probable cause was found to prosecute the case, there was enough reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds to acquit Stallworth.

"I'm not surprised by anything the jury does," Coghlan said, in response to the quick verdict.